Listen, Say Thank You
Joshua Tree

My word for this year was "Listen". As someone always moving, always wandering, and planning the next thing, this word feels less of a reassurance and more of a challenge. Listen to the voice of the spirit, listen to my gut, listen to my partner, my friends, my home. 
When I start to listen to my work, things start to take form. The work starts to tell me what it's about. 
But what I didn't expect was how much I would start saying "thank you" in response. Thank you for telling me what you need, thank you for challenging me to grow. To a higher power who I believe gave me a home this year with a little studio, thank you. To the earth for showing me incredible beauty in the Southwest, thank you. 

Coachella Valley
Jasmine Alexander
Toney Onley Artists Project, Island Mountain Arts

At the time that I'm writing this, beautiful British Columbia is on fire. 
My little city has had to evacuate, a thick blanket of smoke blows through Wells, BC where I worked the past 9 days at Island Mountain Arts. 

Despite the anxiety and uncertainty, artists still worked, mentors Joseph Sanchez and Shary Boyle gave their time and guidance, and we came together for a brief show. 

So thankful for this time of creative outpouring and safety in the midst of fire. Thanks to IMA for having me, and to our mentors Joseph and Shary. 

Final exhibited piece: Hangang I, oil on canvas. 26"x30". 2017


Opening Reception Artist Talk 

Opening Reception Artist Talk 

Jasmine Alexander
Three Corners Health Painting Workshop

Last week I had the immense pleasure of collaborating with Three Corners Health in the Cariboo region to put on a private painting session for Secwepemc elders. This is a group that brings together elders in first nations communities outside of Williams Lake and honours them through various gatherings and activities. 

Through Blooming on Canvas, my affiliate, I taught a floral composition to this group of warm, inviting, and independently creative people at T'exelc (Sugarcane). My “newbie” jitters soon subsided as we connected over learning and creating together. 

There is something to be said about choosing to teach as an artist. While it may not be for everyone, teaching in tandem with your studio practice can be a way to keep your eyes open to other walks in life and like this experience, other cultures.


My favourite part of teaching is when students feel confident enough to deviate from my demo. Just look at this gentleman’s piece! I'm in love with it. 


Three Corners Health, thank you for having me!
If you’re in the Cariboo region in British Columbia and you or your organization would like a private session, let me know! 

Jasmine Alexander
Studio Notes #2 // May
Globetrotting knick knacks - Yosemite pinecone, Halifax page holder, Quebec cork (from our engagement!), compass made by Tyler, Palestine lamp, Antler from Tylers childhood in NS

Globetrotting knick knacks - Yosemite pinecone, Halifax page holder, Quebec cork (from our engagement!), compass made by Tyler, Palestine lamp, Antler from Tylers childhood in NS

We welcomed Spring with a new home and new view of the lake to start my mornings.
This new series I've been working on is one of surprises and surrender moments, where I can choose either to harness control, or to let go to allow the painting to reveal something new to me. 
Also, here are a few tidbits to check out.
Back in March one of my pieces was featured in ArtsySharks Foreign Vista's showcase. I was honoured to be spotlighted (spotlit?) with other incredible painters. 
Everything on my Society6 is 20% off until midnight tonight! This includes prints, cards, notebooks, Iphone skins and more! Check it out here

In love and respect, 


Jasmine Alexander
Studio Notes

This week marks the first day of spring in 2017 and I couldn't be more ready! We have a California road trip around the corner and a handful of new houseplant babies that we're bringing to the new place, adding some sunniness and things to look forward to! 
Lately I've been grappling with thoughts on modern authenticity. In a world that streams a plethora of guru-like guidance, advertisements masked as "inspiration" (looking at you, Pinterest), and an endless amount of tiny glowing pedestals, it can be so easy to lose your own unique voice, especially as an artist. A friend sent me this Tolstoy snippet from his book WHAT IS ART? & WHEREIN IS TRUTH IN ART?: 
"Art is not a handicraft, it is the transmission of feeling the artist has experienced."

For me, a solution to this is to spend more time in a state of contemplation and less time in a state of consumerism. Digging into your own dialogue like your life depends on it means spending less energy consuming external material. Growth through inspiration and learning is vital, but your own story is important too, no?

Reading: Living the Artist's Life by Paul Dorrell. Very resourceful book for artists navigating the business world. 
Woman: How to Be a Woman by Caitlin Moran is a humorous stand against sexism and patriarchal standards, and it's rocking my world. 
Visited: I recently had the pleasure of visiting Zinc Contemporary in Seattle and greeted very warmly by Mallory, and by the work of Gabe Brown & Deborah Zlotsky. Worth stopping by when you're in the area! 
Supplies: Lately I've been priming my panels with Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylic in Light Blue Violet, it's a beautiful blend of violets and blues. And it's cheap, heyo. 

In love and respect, 


Jasmine Alexander
New Lifelines

When I was a kid, my mom would say that if I ever missed her, I could pull on an invisible thread tied from my heart to hers, and she would feel it. This is something I passed on to my dearest while I travelled over the past few years. The thread is such a simple image that we identify with historically, visually, semiotically. As I travelled and and navigated on my own I felt this consistent narrative following me, of a simple thread that knits together my own experiences with those around me. For two years what is now The Lifelines Series has been a little project that has brought me daily joy, and hopefully has brought joy into peoples homes. 

Recently, The Lifelines has made its way over to Society6 as prints, canvas prints, pillows, greetings cards, and more! Check it out here. If you are interested in a commission or see something that you like, contact me at
As always, love and respect. 



Jasmine Alexander

Hello, welcome to my new blog space! I'm so excited to share my new work, updates, and inspiration with you. As my artwork started to grow and change I found myself wanted to have more of a discussion space. So, here we are! I hope you'll follow me on my journey as I continue to evolve and explore as an artist. 
Love and respect, 


Jasmine Alexander