New Lifelines

When I was a kid, my mom would say that if I ever missed her, I could pull on an invisible thread tied from my heart to hers, and she would feel it. This is something I passed on to my dearest while I travelled over the past few years. The thread is such a simple image that we identify with historically, visually, semiotically. As I travelled and and navigated on my own I felt this consistent narrative following me, of a simple thread that knits together my own experiences with those around me. For two years what is now The Lifelines Series has been a little project that has brought me daily joy, and hopefully has brought joy into peoples homes. 

Recently, The Lifelines has made its way over to Society6 as prints, canvas prints, pillows, greetings cards, and more! Check it out here. If you are interested in a commission or see something that you like, contact me at
As always, love and respect. 



Jasmine Alexander