Studio Notes


This week marks the first day of spring in 2017 and I couldn't be more ready! We have a California road trip around the corner and a handful of new houseplant babies that we're bringing to the new place, adding some sunniness and things to look forward to! 
Lately I've been grappling with thoughts on modern authenticity. In a world that streams a plethora of guru-like guidance, advertisements masked as "inspiration" (looking at you, Pinterest), and an endless amount of tiny glowing pedestals, it can be so easy to lose your own unique voice, especially as an artist. A friend sent me this Tolstoy snippet from his book WHAT IS ART? & WHEREIN IS TRUTH IN ART?: 
"Art is not a handicraft, it is the transmission of feeling the artist has experienced."

For me, a solution to this is to spend more time in a state of contemplation and less time in a state of consumerism. Digging into your own dialogue like your life depends on it means spending less energy consuming external material. Growth through inspiration and learning is vital, but your own story is important too, no?

Reading: Living the Artist's Life by Paul Dorrell. Very resourceful book for artists navigating the business world. 
Woman: How to Be a Woman by Caitlin Moran is a humorous stand against sexism and patriarchal standards, and it's rocking my world. 
Visited: I recently had the pleasure of visiting Zinc Contemporary in Seattle and greeted very warmly by Mallory, and by the work of Gabe Brown & Deborah Zlotsky. Worth stopping by when you're in the area! 
Supplies: Lately I've been priming my panels with Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylic in Light Blue Violet, it's a beautiful blend of violets and blues. And it's cheap, heyo. 

In love and respect, 


Jasmine Alexander